The Trust by name Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G.R Educational and Welfare Trust has been constituted with required bye-laws by through Document No. 789/2002 dt 14-11-2002 registered at the Sub Registrar, Periamet. It has its registered office originally at No.24, Kancheepuram Patchaiappan st, Pudupet, Chennai-2 and subsequently shifted to D.No. 1/1000, M.G.R Illam, Sethupathi Nagar Complex, 4th Ring Road, Bharathi Nagar, Collectorate Post, Ramanathapuram District. 623 503.

The Trust is managed by Mr. A.ANWHAR RAAJHAA, B.Sc.,and his family members, the former being the chairman of the trust. He is a great Philanthropist and a man of noteworthy. He had been the chairman of Mandapam Panchayat union of Ramanathapuram District during 1986 – 1991. He had been the MLA of Ramanathapuram constituency and the Minster for Labour welfare, Employment and Training of Tamilnadu during 2001-2006. During his tenure as chairman and MLA., and Minister he had done his level best by implementing several welfare schemes promoting this area. He along with his family members started this trust in 2002 with an intention to serve for providing better Professional College of education to the weaker sections of the society. Also the Trust is running a Teacher Training Institute which is felt much more need of the professional education for a longer time.

The Approved college of Education is situate in a concrete building in a Plinth area of 22649 Sq. Ft. located in the middle of the land of 21.55 acres in survey No. 31/2A2A of Kalkinatruvalasai, Nagachi Group, the building plan has been approved vide No. 1/2003-2004 dt. 21.04.2003 of the keelanagachi Panchayat.
The Trust have purchased a dry land in S.No.31/2A2A measuring a total extent of 21.55 acres in Kalkinatruvalasai h/o Nagachi a Group (Keelanagachi Panchayat) Ramanathapuram Taluk & District wherein 5.00 acres of land has been conveniently set a part for the construction of buildings in which Teacher Training Institute and College of Educations have been housed the details of which are furnished below:
He has been elected as Member of Parliament from Ramanathapuram Parliamentary constituency in the year 2015 and has been continuing and rendering his services to the public

S.No Name of Building Extent of Ground floor (sq meter) Extent of First floor (sq meter) Extent of vacant Terrace with No of building there- on (sq meter) Total extent covered (sq meter)
1 Main Block 1123.00 1123.00 56.00 2302.00
2 Additional Block 525.00 - - 525.00
3 Trust Block 682.00 682.00 40.00 1404.00
  Total 2330.00 1805.00 96.00 4231.00