Land Area in sq mt. : 21.55 Acres
Whether the Title of the land is on Ownership basis : Yes
Title of the Land is on lease as per law : No owned land
Duration of the lease : Does not arise
Land Use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution : Yes

Building : (Common to B.Ed., and D.T.Ed)
The college buildings are constructed on a Built up area 4231 Sq.mts in 3 Buildings. There are sufficient number of water tubs and toilets in the college campus. Purified water supply has been arranged with in the campus.

Other facilities of Building

Sl.No Name of the Rooms No.Of. Rooms
   1 Principal Room   2
   2 Class Room   10
   3 Multi Purpose Hall   2
   4 Computer Laboratory   1
   5 Staff Room for men (1) and Women (2)   3
   6 Library   1
   7 Physical Education Laboratory   1
   8 Work Experience Laboratory   1
   9 Store Room   1
  10 Conference Hall   1
  11 Class Room (M.Ed)   1
  12 Educational Tech Laboratory   3
  13 Psychology Laboratory   1
  14 Science Laboratory   1
  15 Seminar Hall   1
  16 Language Laboratory   1
  17 Toilet Room for men(4) & Women (4)   8
  18 Rest Room for Men (1) Women (1)   1
  19 Guidance & Counseling Room   1
  20 Placement Cell   1
  21 Power Room   1

Class Room

Office Room

Principal Room

College Bus

Assembly Hall

Ladies Rest Room

Infrastructural facility
1. Laboratory
Laboratories, Library and Play Ground are shared with Teacher Training Institute which is also functioning in the ground floor of the same building. There are multiple apparatus, Chemicals Specimens in the lab at secondary and senior level.

1. Biological  Laboratory
2. Physical Science Laboratory
3. Computer Laboratory
4. Language Laboratory
5. Educational Technology Laboratory
6. Library

Teaching Aids
Sufficient Number of Teaching Aids, like Charts, Modules, Maps, Globes etc., are stored in the Lab. Internet and fax facilities are provided in the college.
The College office is functioning in a spacious room of capacity 330 Sq. Ft. with Phone, Fax and Internet facilities. Canteen and Bus Facility A Canteen is functioning within the college campus. Bus facility are available for both bays and girls.

       Physical Education

An open air play ground of 6000 Sq. Ft. lies adjacent to the college building. Adequate equipment and materials of sports and games are stored in the games room which is of 620 Sq. Ft. yoga is also practiced.


Separate Hostel for both boys and girls all amenities purified water supply has been arranged within the campus.